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33 Revolutions Per Minute, Dorian Lynskey book

33 Revolutions Per Minute, Dorian Lynskey

Product Information
"33 Revolutions Per Minute" by Dorian Lynskey is a must-read book that explores the history of protest music, from Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" to Kendrick Lamar's "Alright." Experts have praised the book as a fascinating and comprehensive survey, while Pitchfork calls it a vital and engaging read. The book will change your thoughts about music, politics, and the world around you, inspiring you to speak out, stand up, and make a difference.

The book offers in-depth analysis of each song, its historical context, and interviews with the artists themselves. It provides a deeper appreciation for the power of music to change the world. To purchase "33 Revolutions Per Minute," visit Mercy Abounding stores online and get a discount. Although there are risks involved, they are worth taking, as they help you grow as a person and citizen of the world. Don't hesitate to get your copy before it's too late and remember, as Bob Marley once said, "Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight."
Get up, stand up, and read this book!
Why 33? Partly because that's the number of rotations performed by a vinyl album in one minute, and partly because it takes a lot of songs to tell a story which spans seven decades and five continents - to capture the colour and variety of this shape-shifting genre. This is not a list book, rather each of the 33 songs offers a way into a subject, an artist, an era or an idea. The book feels vital, in both senses of the word: necessary and alive. It captures some of the energy that is generated when musicians take risks, and even when they fail, those endeavors leave the popular culture a little richer and more challenging. Contrary to the frequently voiced idea that pop and politics are awkward bedfellows, it argues that protest music is pop, in all its blazing, cussed glory.
Note: the book is new but there is a little tear on page 805.  it is must have for dj, musicians, music lover.

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