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The 10 Smart Office Gadgets You Need to Have.

The 10 Smart Office Gadgets You Need to Have.

The 10 Smart Office Gadgets You Need to Have

The office can be one of the most stressful places in your life, if you let it. There are plenty of gadgets on the market that can help you out around the office, making your workday much easier and helping you get more done without breaking your back or stressing yourself out too much. The following are just ten of the coolest office gadgets you can get your hands on today, with unique and useful functions that make them stand out from the crowd of ordinary office supplies.

1) Wireless Phone Charger

Now that just about everyone has a smartphone, a wireless phone charger is one of the latest gadgets that can make your office more productive. This office essential allows you to charge your phone without having to fumble around with cords and plugsJust lay it on top of the wireless charging pad, and it will charge up automatically. Best for: people who often forget their chargers at home or lose them when they travel. (1) It's convenient to have your phone charged by simply placing it onto the mat; (2) It also helps save battery life, so you don't have to keep plugging in every few hours; (3) You'll never need to carry around a bulky cord again; (4) The wireless charger is also environmentally friendly since there are no emissions from wires. 
2) Electric Mug Warmer

One of the latest gadgets to hit the market is the electric mug warmer. This office essential is perfect for those who want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea without having to leave their desk. The mug warmer heats up quickly and keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature all day long. Plus, it comes with a built-in coaster so you can avoid any potential messes. For more productivity gadgets check out our best office gadgets here. If you're looking for some awesome smart office gadgets then look no further than Mercy AboundingWe offer an extensive selection of quality products that will make your workday easier. Check out our website now and take advantage of free shipping on orders over £150.00. 

3) LED Desk Lamp

This LED Desk Lamp is one of the best office gadgets you can buy to increase your productivity. The lamp has three different light settings, so you can customize the light to fit your needs. The lamp also has a built-in USB port, so you can charge your phone or other devices while you work. The LED Desk Lamp is a great investment for any office. But if that’s not enough, check out these other cool office gadgets from Mercy AboundingWe have some really helpful gadgets that will boost your productivity and make your office life easier. They are all easy to order and very affordable. It doesn't matter what your needs are, we have the perfect gadget for you. Take a look at our selections here. 

4) Smoke Fire Carbon Monoxide Detector

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are a must have for every home, office . These devices will alert you when there is smoke or CO in the air, giving you enough time to escape safely. Not only is it important to have one of these devices but also know how to use them properly.

You can find some cool trending easy to install smoke and carbon monoxide here that use battery so you don't have to worry about charging or changing batteries every month. Another reason why this is the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector is because it has a low battery indicator which will alert you when your battery needs replacing so that there are no accidents caused by not having an adequate warning system in place.

Keep your detector clean by dusting around it on a regular basis.


5) A portable projector

We all know that a projector is a great tool for presentations and other events, but do you know how portable projectors are?

A portable projector is very useful in situations where you need to show your presentation on the go. It is not only an easy way to make sure that everyone can see your presentation, but it also gives you the freedom to move around as much as you like without having to worry about wires or cords.

Some of the most common uses for a portable projector include:

-Presentations at school or work, Conferences and seminars, Business meetings, Classrooms

1.  They're lightweight.

2.  They require little power.

3.  They can be used in a variety of settings, from classrooms to offices to living rooms.

4.  The cost of portable projectors has come down significantly over the years, making it more affordable for the average person to purchase one for personal use.

They can be used indoor or outdoor without any problem at all because they are designed in such a way that they can work under any condition.


6) Fingerprint Swipe Attendance Machine

Fingerprint swipe attendance machine is a type of biometric fingerprint attendance device. It is used for automatic identification and verification of employees who are going to work. It can help you to keep track of employee attendance and reduce the number of times you have to spend on checking their attendance manually. This machine can also be used as an attendance counter, a time clock or a time card system.

How Does A Fingerprint Swipe Attendance Machine Work?

The fingerprint swipe attendance machine works by using a fingerprint scanner that captures your fingerprints and stores them in its database. When an employee swipes their finger across the scanner, their fingerprint will be compared with those stored in its database and if there is no match then it will be rejected otherwise it will be accepted and recorded as valid. You can then see all your employees’ time cards on your computer screen which makes it easy for you to keep track of their working hours as well as see who has clocked in or out on that particular day/shift period without having to do anything else other than sit back and relax while everything gets done automatically by itself!


7) Wireless Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

 You've got a lot on your plate. Between work, family, and personal time, it's almost impossible to find time to clean your keyboard. But we've got your back! With our Wireless Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner you'll have an easy, convenient way to keep your keyboards in tiptop shape.

With only one button and no complicated settings, this wireless vacuum cleaner is simple enough for anyone. Just press the button and it will begin cleaning each key individually as well as sucking up any crumbs or dust particles between them.

You'll never have to worry about losing power again—and you can even take it with you wherever you go! Just place it in its carrying case and use the convenient handle on top of the case so that you don't even have to touch it while traveling.


8) Electric Heating Lunch Box Travel Food Warmer

This is a portable electric food warmer which is ideal for keeping your food warm, whether you are at home or traveling. The box is made from plastic and has a capacity of 5.5L. It features a removable lid and a waterproof seal that can be used to keep your food in the box even when it is not plugged in. The box also comes with an adjustable thermostat to allow you to control how much heat you want to generate, which means that you don't have to worry about burning your food or ruining its flavor by over-heating it.


9) Humidifiers

Humidifiers are a great way to keep your home feeling comfortable and healthy. 

Humidifiers work by adding moisture to the air in your home, which keeps you from getting dry skin and chapped lips, as well as helps prevent dry nasal passages and dry sinuses. They also help reduce static electricity, which can be especially helpful for those who have trouble with their hair or other electronics. Humidifiers also help prevent respiratory issues like allergies, asthma, or pneumonia. 

Humidifiers can be used at any point during the year; however, they are most effective during winter months when the air is typically drier and warmer temperatures cause moisture to evaporate more quickly out of the air. 


10) Portable fan

The portable table USB fan is a cool and compact way to keep your home or office cool. It's easy to use, and it won't take up any space in your bag—so you can bring it everywhere. 
You'll be able to rely on this fan when you're on the go and want some relief from the heat. And if you're looking for a gift for someone who likes to travel, this is the perfect gift! But what if you could bring your own portable fan? 
With our mini solar or USB fan, you can. It's a small, portable device that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and offers you cool air as soon as you turn it on. You can use it anywhere—in the backseat of your car or even at home—and it's great for those days when you just want to feel a bit cooler while sitting still. 

We hope you enjoy this article. If you need help in placing order for any of the products mentioned above do contact us and we will be happy to help you. Enjoy the rest of your day. 


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