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Four DVD Box Set, James May's, Big Ideas, Video Games/Toys

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Featuring mind-boggling ideas that could shape our future join Top Gear s James May on a hugely fascinating and action-packed journey as he attempts to turn some of the world s most extraordinary ideas into reality... well sort of!

James realises we are still reliant on ideas developed in the 19th and early 20th century, in Come Fly With Me May is on a mission to find a better, bolder way to get from A to B. His journey takes him across Russia and the USA. In Man vs. Machine James confronts the impeding convergence between man and machine, follow James to Japan where James meets a man who has made an android double of himself and he gets to play baseball with a robot. One of the most puzzling questions of today s society is why in 21st century virtually everything is powered by burning dead plants and animals. James looks for brighter, more powerful and technologically forward-thinking sources of energy in Power to the People ; he travels to New Mexico to see if he could run his car on thin air. This 4 DVD gift set also includes Secret Russian Aircraft of WWII ; Russian aircraft designers faced incredible hardships under the paranoid rule of Stalin. Learn all about how Soviet Aircraft designers independently discovered jet and rocket technology despite being arrested and put in special prison camps. See plans for a supersonic delta-wing aircraft in the 1930s and the long distance bomber that flew nonstop from the North Pole to California, USA in 1937!


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