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Bodies (Big Ideas) by Orbach, Susie Paperback Book

Product Information:
Have you ever felt like your body is not your own? Do you struggle with body image issues? Look no further than "Bodies (Big Ideas)" by Susie Orbach. As an expert in the field of body image and psychotherapy, Orbach provides insightful statistics and analysis on the societal pressures that contribute to negative body image. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their relationship with their body. Visit Mercy Abounding online book store for affordable prices and free shipping in London. Don't wait, buy now before it's too late! Remember, the only risk is not reading this book. So go ahead, treat yourself to a healthier mindset and a happier body. And as a bonus, you'll have a great conversation starter at your next dinner party.
In the past decades, the pressure to perfect and design our bodies has been unprecedented. Breast enhancement is a sweet sixteen birthday present in the suburbs of America, while eating problems - from bulimia to obesity - are growing daily, affecting girls as young as six. The body is no longer a given and to possess a flawless one has become the ambition of millions. In China, women are having their legs broken and extended by 5cms. In Iran, behind the Hijab there are 35,000 cosmetic nose reconstructions a year. In Brazil, breasts and bottoms are reshaped along with the face so that women there, as in China and Iran (and pretty much everywhere else in reach of global media) can reflect western norms of beauty. In her years of practice as a psychoanalyst, Susie Orbach has come to realize that the way we view our bodies is the mirror of how we view ourselves: our body becomes the measure of our worth. In this book, she finally raises the fundamental questions about how we got there.

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