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Moving Homes: The Housing Corporation 2008, Non-Fiction Books

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Moving Homes: The Housing Corporation by Alan Murie

The Housing Corporation is the national government agency that funds new affordable housing and regulates housing associations in England. In 2006/7 it invested GBP1.9 billion in new affordable homes, delivering over 40,000 new homes, as part of a government house-building strategy. It has a staff of 450. "Moving Homes" describes the origins, changes, achievements and successes of the Housing Corporation, and its key role in delivering affordable homes.It reviews: progress since 1964, linked to agendas on slum clearances and high-rise building; cost rent and co-ownership; fair rent and housing benefit; tenants' rights and ownership; and, housing associations and the move from 'social' to 'affordable' housing. It analyzes the challenges and crises and looks into the future of the Housing Association and government polices affecting the Association in particular and house-building in general. The debate will continue while most residential housing is beyond the reach of millions of people as they try to get their foot on the housing ladder. Alan Murie has written an important and timely book that reveals the relevance, significance and importance of this key association.

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