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How to Use an Electric Heating Lunch Box

How to Use an Electric Heating Lunch Box
The benefits of electric heating lunch boxes are many. If you plan to be away from your home or office, keeping your food warm and safe to eat may be difficult, but with an electric heating lunch box, this problem can easily be solved! Here are some helpful tips on how to use an electric heating lunch box as well as how to choose the best electric heating lunch box for your need.


My new desk food box came with some instructions, but I wanted to see if I could just figure it out on my own. Spoiler alert: I couldn’t. I got very frustrated when no heat was emitted after 10 minutes and then wondered why it didn’t have a locking mechanism. Using my intellect, which is ~ 0 watts, Here are steps to folowing in making the heated foodboxes work! Let’s get started... 1) First, you need to understand how many watts your heating device has. The power rating will be on a label somewhere (either in large print or smaller print). 2) Next, locate where your cord attaches to the base of your travel warmer/lunchbox/food heater. 3) pour little water into the base of the lunch box for faster warming before pluging it. 4) connect the cable to the lunch box and plug it to start warming your meal in few minutes while you carry on with other tasks.

Turn on your lunchbox/heater/traveler's delight! You should now have fully functioning device! If not, please contact us  directly at and we will guide you on how to use it. There are plenty of other ways to accomplish these steps. As always, leave a comment below letting us know if you liked it or disliked it. Be sure to subscribe below for more great content about travel boxes and electronics lunch boxes!. To save money on batteries, you can also unplug your travel heater/lunchbox every night when you go to bed. Just make sure you put it back in a safe place so pets or small children don't accidentally come across it while walking around during sleep time. You might want to consider watching the short video demo on how start using the lunch box. Give it a try today by placing your order here. Thanks for reading!

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