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Tough Talk Made Easy Trent Hughes 2004, Non-Fiction Books

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Tough Talk Made Easy: 101 Difficult Conversations and How to Have Them Trent Hughes

Popular straight-talking agony aunt Jenni Trent Hughes shows you how to talk about difficult subjects and handle the conversation you h’ve been dreading with tact and clarity. Many of us find it hard to stand up to friends, family, colleagues or lovers with boldness and honesty to clear the air. This book ensures issues won€™t become overwhelming.

The ultimate common sense approach to better communication, whether dealing with partners, friends, family, colleagues or strangers. Discover the best ways to begin and end a conversation, finding the right time and the importance of listening.
Examples of the 101 issues:
- how to complain in the most effective way in shops, with builders/plumbers, or in restaurants
– How to ask for a pay rise (did you know that 68% of people have never asked for a raise in their whole lives?
- how to ask your lover: ‘please could you do ‘this’ and not ‘that’ in bed please ’
- how to tell your parents/in laws that you dono€™t want to go to them this Christmas
- how to tell him/her you don’t want a baby
- how to tell him/her you h’ve fallen for someone else

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