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The Right Man Nigel Planer 1988, Non-Fiction Books

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The Right Man (Paperback)

by Nigel Planer (Author)

Everyone, including Guy Mullins, thought when he and Liz got married that she had found the right man. But somehow, somewhere along the way, things had gone wrong. Special mornings set aside for romance had not exactly been a roaring success, especially when they'd been sharing their daughter Grace's feeds. Guy was not yet forty. And he wa s suddenly aware that he had gone straight from adolescence into mid-life crisis withou a pause for the prime of life. Was it too late to put things right, even when his wife was having an affair and wanting a divorce? As his personal life disintegrates around him, his theatrical agency is also in trouble. It seems that Guy can give and receive neither marital nor client satisfaction. Guy Mullins is on a collision course with the person he thinks he is as well as the person other people think he is. It may be that it is high time to do the wrong thing for a change. . . .

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