FHD Digital Trail Camera - 1080P, 12 Months Stand-By, 0.6 Seconds Fast Shooting, 2.4 Inch Display, IR Cut, 20M Night Vision

Product description

Key Features...Record detailed wildlife images in stunning 1080p resolution with this HD trail camera
With 46 built-in IR LEDs you will capture high quality shots even after sunset
Offering up to 12 months of standby time this camera allows you to analyze wildlife movement throughout the seasons
IP56 rating allows you to use this trail camera in any climate and weather condition
1080p Digital Trail Camera
Quietly capture footage of animals and all the other beauty that Mother Nature has to offer in stunning 1080p FHD resolution with this digital trail camera. Tracking animals and shooting images or video of wildlife without disturbing them has never been easier. With this HD wildlife trail camera, you will be offered all means necessary to scout out a given area before hunting season kicks off allowing you to find the best hunting locations without being noticed. So no matter if you're scouting the area for the future game, looking for superior hunting locations, or simply want to capture stunning footage of nature in all its glory, this digital HD trail camera offers the answer to all your demands.
Recording footage in stunning 1080p resolution this outdoor camera will provide you with beautiful images and footage, allowing you to built up a detailed understanding of the wildlife present in a particular area. Powered by 8 replicable AA batteries this trail cam offers a stunning 12 months of standby time, allowing you to capture and analyze animal movement in an area throughout the seasons without the need of worrying about battery life. Additionally, this camera also supports external batteries and even solar energy when attached to an external solar panel.
Featuring a 110-degree wide angle sensor this camera can easily detect movement up to a distance of 20 meters. Its passive infrared sensor (PIR) allows you to adjust its motion detection sensitivity to ensure that your camera only starts recording when motion is detected.

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